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Special Tags for Your Special Pet

HomeAgain collar tags feature your pet's name and microchip number, along with a HomeAgain phone number that will never change—extra protection in case your pet is ever lost.

Extra Protection for Your Furry Friend

Give your pet added HomeAgain protection with our exclusive collar tags. Customized with your pet's information and a HomeAgain contact number for speedier reunions.

Separate Your Pets at Mealtime

The microchip pet feeder will only open for the right pet, keeping other cats, dogs and even curious children out of your pet's food.

Keep Unwanted Animals Out of Your Home

Give your pet freedom and safety with microchip pet doors that open only for your pets. Set curfew mode to ensure your pet can only use the door when you allow him.

Reuniting Lost Pets and Their Owners

Accurately scan and detect HomeAgain and other pet microchips for faster owner reunions with our updated Universal Worldscan Reader Plus.

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